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Top Ideas for Easter Egg Hunts at Home

Top Ideas for Easter Egg Hunts at Home

By Our Family Concierge Edel Kavanagh

We are missing you all this year for our annual family Easter Eggs-travaganza at Cork International Hotel! A tradition at our hotel, we usually have a fun-packed weekend of games and Easter themed activities for all the family. Since we won’t see you this year, we asked our Chief Egg-ologist Edel to put together some ideas for Easter Egg Hunts you can do at home to keep the little ones entertained.


Here are our Top Ideas for Easter Egg Hunts at Home.



It can be tough to devise an Easter egg hunt that is fair to both little kids and older children. Why not create an Easter Scavenger Hunt Card? The card should contain a list of items about the house, for example;

  • A piece of lego
  • Mummy’s sock
  • Teddy bear
  • Shoe

Every child participating in the egg hunt gets a copy of the scavenger hunt card and only when they have retrieved all the items on the list can they unlock the ultimate prize… their Easter egg!



To keep the little ones occupied for longer, go all out and do a themed Easter egg hunt. Choose something simple such as Disney or the jungle. Have the children craft themed decorations from recyclable materials such as toilet rolls or empty boxes (have a look on Pinterest for some ideas), ask them to dress up in their best themed outfit and create clues for an egg hunt to fit the theme. Guaranteed to be a whole day of fun!



Not all households are big fans of chocolate, so why not create the ultimate Cork tour treat hunt instead? The children are given clues to find little parcels around the house or garden. In each parcel, they retrieve the ‘treat’ which is a pass or voucher to be used at some time in the future, for example treats you can include;

  • One visit to Blackrock Castle Observatory to see the stars
  • One ice-cream in Fitzgerald Park
  • One visit to the park and 20 pushes on the swing
  • One day out to Fota Wildlife Park
  • One trip to _________________ beach to make the world’s biggest sandcastle
  • One Family Date Night at Cork International Hotel including dinner and a movie (just €50 per family if you want to buy voucher here)

Not only will it keep them entertained finding the clues but they will also have a checklist of activities for the months ahead to keep them occupied when lockdown ends.



If you have been using this time at home to be more conscious of the environment, then why not opt for a nature inspired fun eco-friendly hunt instead? It can be easily done in your garden and is both educational and fun for young children.

Get the free printable at Five Little Chefs here.



Get hopping on Easter Sunday with a fun eggs-ercise! Create a basket filled with slips of paper with ‘challenges’ on them. Challenges can include:

  • Hop like a bunny 5 times
  • Do a cartwheel
  • Touch your toes
  • Do 5 jumping jacks
  • Run around the garden once
  • Do a chicken dance

Children take it in turns to choose their challenge from the basket with their eyes closed, when the challenge is completed, they can choose a mini egg or small treat,  or they can choose a ‘silver ticket’ (which you can make from folded aluminium foil). If they win 5 silver tickets they can retrieve their prize – an Easter egg!

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