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Spooktacular Kids Halloween Games

Spooktacular Kids Halloween Games

With Halloween approaching, we have hauled in our experts to share their fa-BOO-lous favourite Halloween games to keep the kids entertained over Midterm in lieu of trick-or-treating! We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to the Cork International Hotel soon so you can enjoy a Family Movie & Date Night in our Cinema room!

By Edel Kavanagh, Family Concierge at Cork International Hotel


Crack the Creepy Code

Almost like contactless Trick or Treat! Give the kids different clues- how many frames are on the living room wall? How many flowers are in the vase by the front door? How many door knobs in the kitchen? When the kids come back to you with the code cracked, they get a big bag of sweets.


Toilet Paper Mummies!

Luckily there isn’t a shortage of toilet paper like the last lockdown… enjoy the abundance in the supermarket and have some fun.. maybe even let the kids do the adults for extra giggles!


The Apple Games you used to play:

Bobbing for apples – all that’s needed is a clean tub of water and apples! The object is to remove the apples with just your teeth, hands must be kept behind player’s backs. Keep some towels handy however – players sometimes get quite wet and use a clean bowl for each player.

Snap Apple – Hang up to 4 apples from strings and with no hands whomever finishes their apple first is the winner!

Apple Paring – Children have to peel an apple with a dinner knife each (no sharp knives!) – the one who gets the longest narrowest paring without breaking is the winner! – this game is for older children



Halloween Hunt

Think Easter Egg Hunt and burn the biscuit merged into one game.. Just because they’re not going door-door, doesn’t mean they don’t have to work for their treats!!

Hide the snack bars and haribo mini bags around the house.. under the couch.. behind the plant pot, in the wardrobe.. set the kids off with their trick or treat bags and let them collect as much as possible telling them when they are hot or cold as they get closer

If you feel really fancy.. make a map! Here’s one that we planned to use around the hotel this Halloween.


Stay with us this Halloween, with one of our Halloween Family Packages

Happy Halloween!

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