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On Your Communion Day…

On Y0ur Communion Day

By Carmel LonerganGeneral Manager

We want to wish all the boys and girls who would have been making their Holy Communion today “Best Wishes” and hope that this special celebration can be rearranged as soon as possible.

Usually at this time on a May Saturday morning all the boys and girls would be gathering in church to take special part in their ceremony, all the family would be dolled up to the nines, the sun would be out with a May chill in the air, but the brightest of smiles on everyone’s faces as there is nothing more special than Communion Day.

There will be a song sun or prayer read to many oohs and aahs– and of course captured on the family camera. Following receiving their First Holy Communion there will be a quick trip to the school for the obligatory iced bun or ham sandwich and tea. Then massive excitement for the little ones about the trip to their favourite local Hotel for lunch or rushing to get home to give their massive bouncy castle a go.

We too in the hotel have our routine on these days and its one of our favourite days of the year. It begins earlier in the week with delivery of personalised cakes, balloons, bunting and in more recent years cupcakes for afters!

On the morning our teams spend much time manoeuvring tables and seating plans to make sure everyone has the perfect setting – Catherine and Gabriel usually have this all-in hand. It’s all go in the kitchen with our chef Martin preparing the menus and making certain to have plenty of Jelly and Ice Cream which never goes out of fashion.

And then the most special part for us is the arrival of families, we watch the cars arriving and it’s so lovely to see parents helping their older relatives from cars, and then quickly passed out by the little ones who are in a race to get to the playroom first. The little white dresses and little macho suits are the cutest. There will be discarded jackets, ties and tiaras before main course is served.

It’s normally a community affair on these days with local families taking over the full hotel –everyone already knows each other from school and visiting the hotel so lunch is one great party for all the families. By the time dessert is served our entertainer is ready to wow the little VIP’s and the parents and families can sit back, relax knowing they are in good hands. Once everyone is full to the brim and ready for stirring its out to our lobby where our large chesterfield couches are hot property – no one is going home anytime soon!

While our feet might scream by the end of the day, there is nothing we are missing more than welcoming you all and being part of the memories you are making when you step through our front door.


We look forward to making many more memories very soon.


Carmel & Team.


Memory Day Bookings

We all know some-one who has missed a special birthday, anniversary, baby shower or Communion/Confirmation. We want to give you the chance to celebrate them at some time in the future, so we have dubbed them the honorary term of  ‘memory days’! Our hotel will re-open on the 20th July. We will be facilitating family gatherings from this time, so should you wish to plan a family lunch, event, or other ‘memory day’ celebration in lieu of a communion party this year, please contact our co-coordinator and she would be delighted to facilitate your booking.

Email: emoriarty@corkinternationalhotel.com

We are also taking Communion bookings for 2021 for those whose Communions have been postponed to next year.


Cheer us up

We really do miss you, you know! If you are getting dressed up in your Communion outfit to celebrate at home, please do tag us in your pictures on social media, we know our team would be so happy to see you and your families enjoying the sunshine.

4 thoughts on “On Your Communion Day…

  1. Good evening ,

    I am interested in having my sons communion meal held in your hotel .

    I would like to know if you have availability. We have not got a date yet but it should be announced this week .

    Could you send me any prices and information you might have for communion events in your hotel .

    Thank you ,

    Nicole Bulman

    1. Hi Nicole, we will have a member of our team send you the relevant information. Best wishes. M

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