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Launching ‘Booker Incentives’ at Cork International Hotel

Meeting room with a large table, set up for a conference event at Cork International Hotel

Launching ‘Booker Incentives’ at Cork International Hotel

By Sandra Murphy

The coronavirus pandemic and nationwide lockdowns have affected people in a myriad of ways. From a business and corporate perspective many people are still working from home and engaging with colleagues and associates virtually and not physically. Joining online video calls has become as habitual as walking into a meeting room. However, after a day of back-to-back video calls, many people complain that they feel totally exhausted – and as such, the term ‘Zoom fatigue’ has been coined to describe how many people now feel.

This fatigue can bleed into many aspects of work life, often resulting in lower productivity and energy, which is essential to maintain without having the usual surroundings of the office to stimulate and motivate you.


Zoom Fatigue

There are several reasons video calls can feel more tiring than face-to-face ones. In face-to-face conversation, we rely heavily on non-verbal cues such as facial expressions, body language, tone of voice and pitch to judge how best to behave in that situation and allow the conversation to flow naturally. On video calls, however, our brains are working much harder to read people’s expressions and body language, especially if their video quality is poor or you can only see their face.

In the Cork International Hotel, as a hospitality business, our business is all about people. From the people who work with us on our team to the people we welcome to the hotel on a daily basis. While video calls have proven themselves to be useful tools, the benefits of face-to-face meetings should not be discounted. Unfortunately, there are elements of an in-person meeting that video conferences simply cannot replicate.


Prioritising safety

We know that health and safety is one of the main concerns and reasons that people are reluctant to have face to face meetings. In the same breath, companies are acutely aware of the importance of some meetings and training sessions taking place to ensure that productively stays on track and business progresses as well as possible during this time.

At the Cork International Hotel, you can be assured that the health and safety of your team is of paramount consideration to us. All of our team have completed training pertaining to Covid 19 and our hotel is accredited and signed up to the Failte Ireland Guest Safety Charter. Our team are on hand to assist and guide you on best practice whilst operating in accordance with the latest Government guidelines.


Introducing ‘Booker Incentives’

We are delighted to launch our “Booker Incentive” scheme at the Cork International Hotel. Every month, we will enter the meeting room bookers into a draw to win a prize of the month. In order to be entered into the draw, you just need to quote “Booker Incentive”.

Our October booker incentive is an overnight bed and breakfast for 2 people at the Cork International Hotel.


Email Emma Moriarty to book your meeting.



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