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Introducing our Corporate Ambassador Daniel

Introducing Cork International Hotel Corporate Ambassador

Daniel Sheehan is our Front Office Supervisor at Cork International Hotel and Corporate Ambassador at Cork International Hotel. Daniel works with our corporate guests to ensure they are well looked after throughout their stay. Both Daniel and Kylie Basnett (Our Group Corporate and MICE Manager) can set up frequent business guests with exclusive room rates to suit your travel needs. They ensure that our corporate guests have a home from home when working in Cork and options to maximise the comfort and efficiency of a business stay, arranging everything including preferential dinner booking times, express check-in services or room number preferences.

We asked Daniel some questions about his working day and life in lockdown. Have a read of his interview here:


How do you start your day?

I like to wake early regardless of what my work schedule is. Getting up that bit earlier gives me the time to focus on myself and mentally plan my positive intentions for the day ahead. I am a very list-oriented person so if I know I have a busy day ahead I will write a bullet pointed list of what essential actions I need to take. This motivates me throughout the day as I get through my task list.


What are you currently listening to?

Joe Rogan Podcasts, they are fascinating and varied with a whole host of different guests, from famous personalities like Matthew McConaughey and Kanye West to a range of experts in their field, such as Mike Baker, former CIA covert operations officer and Terry Virts, a retired astronaut and International Space Station Commander.

At Cork International Hotel, we have a great view of the planes taking off at Cork Airport. Aside from that, where’s your favourite view in Cork?

My favourite view would have to be the view of Cork City from the top of St Patrick’s Hill. I constantly advise guests to visit this spot as the view is exceptional – you may recognise it as it was used in a very famous scene in the Young Offenders! A close second would be the view from Monkstown looking across to Cobh Harbour – and I’m not just saying this because our Managing Director Aaron Mansworth is a Cobh native! I go for regular walks at this spot with my partner when we have the same days off. It is very peaceful and therapeutic especially after a busy week.


If you could have any superpower what would it be?

It would have to be “intangibility”. This would give me the ability to alter my atoms in such a way that I could walk through walls. There would be no need for doors, lifts or stairs, I think this would be pretty awesome, it would be a much faster way of getting around the hotel.


What’s your favourite social media platform?

Twitter- I find this is a great way to keep up with sports and news in real time! Make sure to follow us on Twitter too HERE.


What drew you to work at Trigon Hotels?

I heard a lot of great things about the company from lecturers at college and the opportunities for development and career progression within the hotels. I then completed my work placement with the company and have stayed ever since! Both the team and guests are so friendly and I have made some great friends for life whilst working at the three properties.


What’s your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

Achieving a promotion to Front Office Supervisor – this really highlighted my hard work to date and it is imperative for my progression going forward in the hospitality industry. It also meant that I could put myself forward for the role of Corporate Ambassador and I have enjoyed working with our corporate guests on a more personal basis.


If you could invite anyone to a drink at the New Yorker Bar, who would you ask?

Roy Keane for sure! A pure Corkonian and Irish legend.


How are you managing to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing during COVID-19?

Local walks. I try to go for runs in the morning as much as I can also before work. We also have a 5km route from the hotel for guests to try when they stay with us and maps available at reception – the perfect way to start or maintain your fitness regime!


Working closely with our corporate guests, you must know a thing or two about productivity, what’s your top tip to be your most effective at work?

The best piece of advice I can give is to always mentally prepare for the day ahead. Personally, I find the most effective way to do so is by planning. Always plan. Whether you write a physical plan or just plan mentally, you need to have a strategy as to how you are going to complete all tasks proactively and within the given timeframe.


Top 3 Netflix recommendations that have been keeping you occupied during lockdowns?

  • ‘The Fall’
  • ‘Designated Survivor’
  • ‘Prison Break’


Our Stay, Park & Fly offers at Cork International Hotel have always been popular year round. Where’s the one place you’d like to fly to when we can travel again?

The Maldives- I’ve read up so much and watched many clips from Travel Experts. There is a lot that appeals to me about this destination, I love the sea and hot weather. The under-the-sea restaurants and hotels look phenomenal! Definitely one for the list once everything settles!


If you are travelling to The Cork International Hotel and you are looking to get set-up with a corporate rate or if you have any special requests, contact Daniel Sheehan directly:



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