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Four Beaches – Four Days – A Pure Cork Holiday

Four beaches around Cork you should visit!

The staple Irish family holiday abroad is a simple one- beach all day, back to the room for a nap and good dinner in a nice restaurant. There’s no reason your summer staycation should not follow this perfect formula. Here at Cork International Hotel, we are blessed with our location, just a stone throw away from safe, family friendly beaches. So, if you’re down for your 3 night break, you have four days to spend on the beach all day- here are four different spots under 30 minutes from the hotel that you can explore to your heart’s content.

1. Dock Beach

When you first arrive, take a trip to Dock Beach for the afternoon. This small Kinsale beach is a wonderful sandy beach perfect for families. As you relax for the day, you can take comfort that everything is within your eyeline for the day. The secluded little beach is found around a winding lane, which opens up to the sandy cove.

2. Rocky Bay

Day two, get out nice and early after breakfast, take the picnic with you and you won’t be disappointed. Just over twenty minutes from Cork International, you will find ‘Rocky Bay’. A well-known spot to all Cork children, the name does this inlet justice. Surrounded by jutting cliff faces, there is lots to explore and enjoy for the whole day. This one is a classic Irish beach, not so easy to reach, down narrow country roads, but once you arrive, you’ll be swimming and building sandcastles all day.


3. Fountainstown

An underrated spot in my opinion, is Fountainstown. Whilst popular among Corkonians, it doesn’t seem to be anyone’s favourite but mine! Maybe because this strand is more stones than sand, but this beach is a haven for the adventurous child. They’ll spend the day collecting shells and oddly shaped rocks that may end up being brought all the way home! You simply can’t but climb along the rocky cliff edges, but make sure to bring the little fishing nets, the kids will love searching the little rock pools for crabs and other little creatures. Finish the day with ice creams and coffee for mom and dad at the small café on the beach.


4. White Strand

Last but not least, there is White Strand, just a little over 30 minutes from the hotel door. The expansive seaside is the largest you’ll visit on this trip. Adjacent to the famous ‘Old Head of Kinsale’ the views are quite something here. This day is for walks along the shoreline, scaling the sand dunes and building sand palaces with the fine white sand. This blue flag beach has lifeguards on duty all day throughout the summer, you won’t have to worry one bit. Plenty of parking and easily accessed, there won’t be a moment of stress or bother throughout your day.
Each evening, you can return to your spacious bedroom for a quick nap and refresh for the evening. Good food and a nice bottle of wine await you, with plenty of choice that you’ll feel you’re eating in a different promenade restaurant every night. The kids can stay occupied with our air hockey table, Foosball table and much more. The playroom will keep the younger kids happy with enough toys to play with all night. Perhaps the best treat for the whole family is booking a private session in the Cinema Room, choose whatever film you’d like to see for a unique movie night. Bring the glass of wine with you and we’ll provide the treats for the kids. You’ll enjoy your staycation so much, you won’t want to leave!!


Cork International Family Concierge

Staying with us with your family? Our dedicated Family Concierge has devised and tested a variety of family amenities to keep parents at ease and little ones entertained during your stay. From recommending socially distanced outdoor activities to getting you booked in for a movie night in the Cinema Room at our hotel, Edel and her team have you covered, just let her know the ages of your children, your preferred activities (outdoor, water-based, etc.,) and she will be happy to put together an itinerary for you.

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