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6 Kids Books to Bring on Your Next Holiday

6 Kids Books to Bring on Your Next Holiday

Need something to keep the kids occupied on your next flight? Here are some great books by Irish authors for the kids to get their teeth into

World Book Day (3rd March 2022), is a celebration of all things literature for kids, and here at Cork International Hotel, we want to promote the value of reading. Our family concierge team have created a list of 6 books which are perfect for the kids to read on their next stay at Cork International Hotel, or to bring with them on holidays from Cork Airport.


Girls Play Too by Jacqui Hurley

RTÉ’s Jacqui Hurley explores the stories of women who have proven that being a girl is not a barrier to sporting success in a fairy-tale style. Each story is about overcoming adversity, and the role models celebrated here will undoubtedly inspire the next generation of Irish athletes. Girls Play Too is a celebration of some of our brightest and best sporting stars, as well as everything that you can achieve if you try your best and never give up on your aspirations. It features twenty-five spectacular athletes and charming illustrations by five wonderful female Irish illustrators.



Geansaí Ottó by Sadhbh Devlin

Sadhbh Devlin’s children’s book series continues with another wonderful narrative in this beautifully illustrated Irish language book. Geansaí Ottó is about a Mamó who can’t seem to stop knitting for her super-cool grandson. Ottó’s sophisticated sense of style, on the other hand, does not embrace wearing home-made sweaters. This charming book is perfect for kids to expand their knowledge of the Irish language as well as keeping them entertained



The Dead Zoo by Peter Connolly 

A fun-filled book, The Dead Zoo is about Mr. Gray, a very serious man with the serious job of being in charge of a museum in Dublin that is filled with teddy bears & stuffed animals. But when a real life mouse gets in, a fun and playful chase begins, until he realises he needs her help that is! This quirky and fun-filled book is set to be a children’s classic and will keep the kids giggling on your next holiday.



The Chill Skill by Niall Breslin

Bressie’s third picture book teaches kids how to deal with frustration when things don’t go their way. In the book we see Sam, who, after her mum takes her phone away, begins to feel irritated. But, her grandad is on hand to help her through these angry feelings so that she can enjoy a fun day at the beach. The Chill Skill introduces young readers to mindfulness practices with easy to comprehend vocabulary and a strong sense of empathy through cheerful illustrations and relatable characters.



The Storm Keeper’s Island by Catherine Doyle

The Irish west-coast is brought to life as a fantasy realm of magic and wonder by Catherine Doyle in this adventure novel. The story follows Fionn, who steps on Arranmore Island it begins to stir beneath him as the age old tradition of choosing a new storm keeper is awoken. Fionn’s grandfather, a reclusive and eccentric elderly man, has finally decided to retire and a new Keeper will emerge soon. Fionn has been anticipating his arrival at his ancestral home. Someone else, though, has been waiting down underground as well.



The Summer I Robbed A Bank by David O’Doherty

Comedian David O’Doherty turned author, creates a book that it filled with humour and beautiful descriptions of Achill Island in his award winning book. The story follows Rex, a boy who has spent his Summer on the rainy island. When he goes to stay with his strange, yet brilliant, Uncle Derm he discovers that he is planning his craziest plan to date.. to rob a bank! This book is the perfect mix of adventure and fun and is certain to garner a few belly laughs from the kids.



As you can see, there will be no shortage of excellent Irish written books for the kids to enjoy on your next getaway. Why not get the kids to start making their reading list while you get you holiday plans together. Getting an early flight from Cork Airport? Why not stay with us the night before for a hassle free trip. Our shuttle bus will drop you straight to the airport and enjoy a grab & go breakfast.

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