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3 Tips to Create a Fun Family Movie Night

3 Tips to Create a Fun Family Movie Night


There’s nothing quite like a movie on the big screen, and a night in our Cinema Room at Cork International is always a great surprise for kids young and old. Any parent working from home will know that trying to give the children a break from the school week can be tough, especially when there are no play-dates or parties to break the monotony, that’s why we’ve put together our top tips to help you surprise the kids with a movie night to bring some of that big-screen magic to your home.

Remember- there’s no cooking on family date night- we have our Family Date Night Menu available for take away every evening! Two courses for two adults and two children all for just €50! So send the kids with one parent to collect your dinner, while the other parent stays at home and gets the house ready for #FamilyDateNight {Order Here}!


Creating your Cinema

To re-create a cinema experience there’s a couple of things you can do. First of all, making the room a little darker can set a great movie atmosphere – try turning off the main light, and pull any curtains or blinds.

Next, you will want to change up the seating arrangements so that there’s a new feel to your living room! Move the coffee table against the wall, grab any cushions, bean bags or pillows for in front of the TV and drag all the couches together in front of the TV. You can also

If you want to go all out, get the kids to help- have them craft a ‘Cinema’ sign that you can stick on the front door and a poster for your chosen movie, or maybe even a ticket desk! This will definitely give them something to look forward to on a Friday night while they finish up the home schooling for the week.



What’s a cinema experience without snacks? The coffee table you put against the wall earlier? Snack Table! Create different themes for the snack table each week, maybe a popcorn station where kids can choose their own flavourings, an ice-cream bar with a choice of toppings or a crisps and chocolate stand with your kids favourites to choose from!



Thankfully with streaming services at our fingertips, we are never short of great movies to watch, but we can still spend far too long scrolling trying to find something to suit everyone!

To avoid arguments on movie night, allow the children to choose 4 films at the start of the month, put them into a hat and the order they are pulled is the order that the family will watch them for the next 4 movie nights. It will most likely avoid any major fights and give them something to look forward to all week! It is a good idea to narrow the choices down to 5 or so in advance to make it easier for them to choose and as a fool-proof way to ensure the adults don’t end up watching Frozen for the 10th time!


We hope you enjoyed the above tips and ideas, and look forward to welcoming you as valued guests in our family-friendly hotel.

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