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Environmental Policy

Our Journey to Better Sustainability

Trigon Hotels has endorsed and fully supports the principles of sustainability and will work with all stakeholders in a spirit of partnership to minimise our impact on the environment. We are committed to this journey and recognise that it will take time and investment.

Our Main Goals for 2021 are:

  • Reduce Carbon Foot Print by 5% in Year 1
  • Improve our team’s education and awareness through training and initiatives with a module as part of the induction process and clear SOP’s on Energy, Water, Waste within the departmental SOP’s
  • Develop an Environmentally Friendly culture companywide – where investment and change decisions consider environmental factors and outputs.

We recognise that achieving sustainability will take time and will encourage all stakeholders to engage with us in achieving these goals and targets and we will be open to suggestions and ideas generated from them.

Our past actions included:

  • Replacing 50% plastics across the operations of the hotels
  • Energy saving measures through replacement of light bulbs and sensor lighting
  • Segregation of Waste and Recyclable materials
  • Continued education and training of our team

We agree to abide by this policy in the normal course of our everyday operation, and to provide information to visitors, employees, and stakeholders to inform them of the actions our business is taking, and what actions they can take to assist our business in reaching our goals. Visitors and employees are encouraged to engage actively with our Green Programme with suggestions and ideas.

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