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10 Ways to Make Your Stay More Sustainable

10 Ways to Make Your Stay More Sustainable

Enjoy your getaway while being kinder to the environment.

When we head away we want to enjoy yourselves and feel pampered. But, when deciding to head away there are many things that you can do to create a more sustainable stay. Small changes can make a huge difference and at Cork International Hotel we want to encourage guests to try these changes. Check out our list of 12 ways to create a more sustainable stay.


Opt for Online Check-In

Choosing the option of online check-in has lots of benefits to it. You can avoid any queues at the check-in desk, all payments are done & dusted before you even get to the hotel – But it also benefits the environment. Less paper gets used as you use an online check-in system, meaning less waste as your details are transferred straight onto a hotel system once you check-in online. The only piece of paper you will receive is your receipt if you so wish. Here at Cork International Hotel we have just introduced our online check-in system and a direct link will be sent to you when you confirm your booking with us. So all you have to do when you get here is pick up your keys and your getaway can begin.


Embrace the Staycation

During the Covid-19 pandemic, as international travel was not an option for most of us, we truly embraced the idea of a staycation. And while we understand that now we can begin taking off again, if your holiday time is limited, why not consider staying in Ireland. Taking lengthy flights for a weekend trip generates a lot of carbon. You won’t have to struggle with jet lag or lose half your vacation time in airports.


Cut Down on Housekeeping

Did you know that laundry services can use up to 15% of a hotels energy? If you don’t need it, why not let your hotel know that you won’t need housekeeping/laundry services during your stay. Bedsheets, towels & bathmats; if you are happy to keep these throughout your stay, let reception know to put a note on your room or leave the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside your door.


Power Down Before You Head Out

While a lot of hotels have introduced key card technology whereby it is used to turn off the power in a room, sometimes you may forget that key in the slot or simply the hotel you are staying in does not have this technology. In any case, make sure you have everything powered down before leaving your room. Lights, air-con, chargers left plugged in; all consumer energy while you are away, so taking a minute to power down can help reduce your energy footprint while on your stay.


Use Public Transport

Leave the car at home and get around using public transport during your stay. In Cork there is a number of options to get you where you need to go. From using the train to get to the harbour town of Cobh, to getting a coach to visit West Cork, to using the public bikes to get around the city – there are a number of options to get you around Cork with you having to fill up your tank. At Cork International Hotel, the 225 & 226 run from straight outside the hotel that will bring your into Cork City and you will have your choice of options.


Bringing Your Own Reusable Coffee Cup & Water Bottle

Sightseeing and exploring is thirsty work, so no doubt you will be needing to stay hydrated. Instead of picking up plastic water bottles why not bring your own reusable water bottle? Our team at The New Yorker will gladly fill up your bottle before you head out for the day. In need of a caffeine fix? Bring your reusable coffee cup or Keep Cup with you? Lots of cafés in Cork offer a little discount for those using reusable cups. Pop it into us when you’re back and we will wash it out to you so you’re set for the next day. Popping into a deli or bakery on your travels? Avoiding using paper bags and bring your own container with you? It will also keep your food fresher for longer!


Try Local & Seasonal Food

Did you know the more locally sourced and closer to home food you try when you are on your breakaway, the less carbon is being used? Because the food & ingredients is homegrown there is less of a transport footstep. It also boosts local economy and is one of the best things about travelling!


Use our Press Reader App

Cut down on buying newspapers and magazine when you stay with us by using our Press Reader App. Free to use for all guests staying at Cork International Hotel, the Press Reader App has access to 1000’s of newspapers, magazines and publications straight to your phone or tablet. Simply download the Press Reader App, log-in and you have access. You can even download items to read when you leave the hotel. By using the Press Reader App it reduces the amount of paper waste we throw away everyay.


Look out for Hotels with Green Accreditations

As people move towards living a more sustainable life and being cautious of their carbon footprint, this is a perfect chance to take a look at what hotels are beginning to become greener and who have been accredited with greening awards. Here at Cork International Hotel, we have been working with 50 Shades Greener to achieve our sustainability goals. Through them we have achieved their Bronze & Silver Standard Medal and our on our way to achieving Gold Standard. We have also been awarded Pure Cork’s Green Award.


Leave Feedback

At Cork International Hotel, we love coming up with new ideas and ways to introduce sustainable initiatives into our everyday operations. However sometimes our best ideas come from guests, which is why we would like to encourage you when you are staying with us to leave us any feedback or ideas you may have in regards to sustainability.


These are just some of the many ways to make your next hotel stay a more sustainable. Cork International Hotel are taking steps to increasing our Green Initiatives this year in order to become even more sustainable and we hope you will join us on this journey.

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